Tuesday, February 24, 2009

State of the Union

Well the president has given his first address to congress. He gave great lip service to accountability, and how "he will hold everybody accountable for every dime that that they receive from the stimulus." He has great ideas to strengthen the economy, regulate banking, reformat health care and education. It was a very moving speech. I found it ironic that he is willing to bail out the financial and banking industry, yet he insists that the auto industry will not be bailed out for "their mistakes". That is ironic to me, but I will table that discussion for later.
Anyway while he is holding every one else accountable for their spending, who is holding him and his cabinet accountable? Who is holding congress accountable for their spending? Why does the president get to spend billions on a new presidential limo and helicopters, when he demands that the CEOs be held accountable for their private jets and high salaries? How can he smugly stand there and tell the American people that we are all in this together, when they are given carte blanche to spend for themselves?
I used to be an executive assistant to the President/CEO of a small business. The executive got to fly the expensive airlines, stay in fancy hotels, and drive expensive SUVs. The rest of the employees had to fly Southwest, stay at the Holiday Inn and did not drive the fanciest of cars. I think of that when I hear the executive and legislative branch talk about struggling families. They are not the ones who are struggling, yet they want us to believe that they feel our pain. They do not feel or understand our struggles.
So why do you believe that the answer to our questions is to put our trust in the government? What makes you think that they will solve our problems? Why do you still trust them?
The day that they are held accountable for their spending, their budgets, and how they are spending our money is the day that I will put my faith back in them.
God Bless America
Get involved!!!!

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